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System Keypad Joystick Controller
• Remote Controllable PTZ and DVR
• Recalls up to 255 Cameras from one Keyboard.
• Joystick for Fixel-Speed and Variable-Speed control of Pan/Tilt Units
• Built-in Graphic LCD Monitor with Blue Screen,
• Programmable User Preferences. (Preset, Tour, Group, Etc.).
• User Password Support.
• Supported DVR Protocol (Need to be modified)
• Multiple Protocol Support

The KJC-2000 is pan/tilt controller and it allows operators to perform the following functions

• Controls camera functions such as pan, tilt, zoom, and focus.
• Sets and calls camera preset positions
• Activates pre-programmed group presets, tour and group sequences.

The LCD is used to display current status as well as to provide a menu system for setting operational parameters.
Controller is designed for desktop operation; interface connectors are located in the Junctions box outer of the unit.

Model no. KJC-2000
Keyboard Communication Pan / Tilt interface : RS-485
DVR interface : RS-485
Pan / Tilt operating distance : 4000ft(1029m) on 24 AWG wire
Protocols: Pelco D, Pelco P, etc. (Baud rate selectable)
Connector Type Data RJ-11 6-pin modular
Keyboard Keypad PC Keyboard button, Numeric keypad and camera funcion keys.
Joystick 3-Axis, Vector solving, Twisting, Return- to-center head.
Input Voltage 12V DC ±2V
Power Consumption Max. 450mA
LCD Disply Graphic display
240x640dots. Display 4-Line, 30-character alphanumeric
LCD display with blue backlight
Operating Temperature 0°C to 45°C
Humidity 10%~70% non-condensing
Dimensions 372(W)x103(H)x145(D)mm
Weight 1.4kg

※The product may include option or additional functions.