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Touch Key Digital Doorlock
• Door open by i-Button key & Access code
• Panic function (One touch door open)
• Automatic re-locking function
• Double-lock function
• Auto-lock function
• Prank & theft prevention function
• Intrusion Alert
• Battery change alert function

The door can be opened with an access code or with a I-Button.

Individual users can have their own I-Button or can be issued separate access codes that can be altered or

deleted at any time. You can register up to 100 I-Button including four cards which come with the product. Even when the batteries are replaced. access code and I-Button information are retained in a memory chip. There is a dual locking mode that user enter both access code and I-Button to unlock the door. It is good to use when high security is needed.

Model   KDL-T1
Open mode  

i-Button key and Access code

(6 access code from 1 to 10 digit)

Body Dimension   Out – 75(W) x 310(H) x 34(D) mm
In – 56(W) x 278(H) x 40(D) mm
Strike   35 x 105.7 mm
Door tricknes  

35 x 53 mm(Standard type)

over 54 mm(on demand).

Body materiais  

Out – Zinc die casting with coating

In – Reinforced plastic with coating

Power source   1.5V Alkaline battery (AA size) X 8ea
Operating temperature   -15℃ ~ 50℃

※The product may include option or additional functions.