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KLP-410 Serise
Digital Bus Type Common Gate lobbyphone
• House Call & Speak
• Visitor Identification at Night
• Automatic Door Unlock during Speaking
• Automatic Door Unlock Common Password
• Automatic Door Unlock CHouse Password
• Automatic Door Unlock with RF-Card(※Optional)

Model   KLP-C420 / KLP-C420RF
Input Power  



DC 15V±1V
Standby : Max. 2W / Operation : Max. 6WDC 15V±1V


Standby : Max. 3W / Operation : Max. 7W

Communication Method   KOCOM PROTOCOL DATA TX/RX Mode
Speak Mode   Hands free type

Call Duratin Time : 180 seconds

(Call Waiting Time depends on a wall pad interocked.)

Housing Material   Aluminium (A/L), PC, ABS
Dimension (mm)  

174(W)× 263(H) ×15(D)
Box : 200(W)× 270(H) ×85(D)

LED Lighting Functions


- 10KEY LED : It turns on when operating a key
- Mode-Lamp LED : It turns on below a certain illuminance
- Camera LED : It turns on when calling
  a house at a low illuminance

Angle of View   It controls an angle at a direction of up,
down, right and left
RF Card Interlocking   KLP-C420-N/A / KLP-C420RF-13.56MHz
RF Card Interlocking   KCV-301, KCV-301, KCV-340, KVR-A510
KVR-D510, KCV-A374, KCV-D374

※The product may include option or additional functions.